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SysAdmin rant of the day

Posted by Oliver on the 4th of April, 2011 in category Tech
Tagged with: activemqdislikeinit scriptsmcollective

It never fails to shock me that it is 2011 and yet there is so much bad software still out there, and still being created. It seems like the most basic elements of a good piece of software are the hardest to come by - like init scripts. I've been playing with ActiveMQ today as my team is getting MCollective training (yes, we are the first ones in the world to get trained up on the official course).

I'm shocked to see that configuring it to run as a unix service is performed so shoddily. Admittedly, making the Oracle init script actually work was a far more challenging task but given ActiveMQ is Java and hence "Enterprise" software, is it too much to ask that they put a bit of effort into the basic things like, you know, actually running the software?

Seriously. :(

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