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Preparing (slowly) for Winter

Posted by Oliver on the 13th of November, 2010 in category Germany
Tagged with: clothingglovesjack wolfskinwinter

Last year in Berlin we had a fairly terrible Winter, with temperatures going down to -30C which we were completely unprepared for. Ange was pregnant and neither of us had really adequate clothing although we both got sturdy boots and some thermals to stop from freezing altogether. This year we vowed to be more prepared, and one of the most popular brands that we see on the streets is Jack Wolfskin. Yes, it is a "name brand" and I think a lot of people just wear it for the logo rather than the quality.

However, they do actually make some pretty good stuff. I picked up a pair of gloves to stop my hands from freezing on the ride to and from work and they keep my hands nice and toasty the whole journey. I don't expect that we'll become as bad as some of the people out there (I've heard of entire families getting around entirely clad in JW gear) but I think we'll look into some other items to keep the cold out properly this winter.

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