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Now using a Let's Encrypt certificate

Posted by Oliver on the 29th of October, 2016 in category Tech
Tagged with: letsencryptsecuritysslstartssltlsx509

Last week I got a notification from StartSSL that my site certificate was going to expire in a couple of weeks. Since recently there has been some news (I guess you can check the Wikipedia entry for exact details) that suggests StartSSL is in some danger of no longer being trusted by major browsers, I decided to finally get around to moving to Let's Encrypt for my certificates.

When the project was first in beta I had some intentions to do the same thing then, but the tooling was far less mature than it is now, and the trust situation was not as good. Right now, probably most people will be able to access the site without any problems. Programmatic access may not be as fortunate - so the main point of this blog post is to mention the change and ask you to let me know if you have problems accessing the site (if indeed you see this at all, possibly with a security warning). Just drop me a comment.

Otherwise, the process was relatively simple, but I am left wondering what kind of identity verification is involved. I didn't have to confirm anything during the process that I actually owned the domain name, so what would stop someone else getting a certificate for my domain name? I should look into that in more detail.

Update 01.11.16: Looks like Google has made the move to not trust StartCom any longer, and this echoes similar movements by Apple and Mozilla. So it seems like the right thing to do. Auf Wiedersehen, StartCom.

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