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Posted by Oliver on the 11th of September, 2010 in category Tech
Tagged with: hurricane electricipv6

One last post before I hit the sack... There's this thing called IPv6. You need it.

By and large most companies involved in Internet things are doing very little to promote IPv6 uptake but Hurricane Electric are one of few that are doing some cool things. They offer free IPv6 tunneling (and have a lot of endpoints globally), as well as a pretty awesome certification course. OK, it's not "official" but to get through it you actually have to demonstrate some real practical knowledge of IPv6.

I myself have now got my own domain hosted on their nameservers and will shortly add some quad-A records (my previous certification attempts only got so far after I discovered the dynamic DNS service I was using for it out of convenience didn't have quad-A records for their nameservers).

Check out HE's offerings:

I should also thank Kai from work, whose loaned Seagate Dockstar is my IPv6 endpoint ;)

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