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Posted by Oliver on the 12th of September, 2010 in category Tech
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With no other outlet, I've previously been linking to interesting posts and stories from my Google Buzz account. Not many (if any) of them had additional commentary from me, so I'm just dumping the links here for any interested parties (in chronological order). You'll notice a lot of them are DB-related, as that's what a large bulk of my time this year has been devoted to.

And other interesting tidbits:

  • Has anybody managed to migrate a git repository to svn? Yes, but with a lot of difficulty.
  • hp f4580 + xsane + ocropus + tesseract = pretty decent OCR of my German mail, wirelessly scanning from another room! All of the other OCR tools I tried on Linux sucked badly.
  • $RANDOM in bash automatically generates an unsigned 0 to 2^15-1 number.
  • On an otherwise reasonably performing link with some latency, generic segmentation offloading enabled on the sender side completely destroys network performance. Could be related to some interaction with QoS settings in the path....
  • Safety tip: don't rsync to /dev/null, it WILL replace it with a file!
  • I installed Spacewalk in a VM to test it, and like most other things that involve Oracle, it involves a LOT of pain.
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