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Posted by Angela on the 11th of September, 2010 in category Thoughts
Tagged with: anorexiabodycelebritypost feminism

Does it strike anyone else as odd, that humans, are the only creatures that glorify one another? We seem to be obsessed with celebrity and rarely because of their intellectual status, but rather their 'attractiveness'.

Humans seem to be the only creature who refuse to be what they are, spending countless hours emulating someone else, often with a higher status that we have endowed upon them in the first place. Gregarious by nature, we are pack beings that seek out one another. Yet we place such emphasis on celebrity, essentially an artificial glorification of other human beings.

This may well be a positive ideology that we provide ourselves with mentors to look up to for guidance, especially when faced with an absence of positive parental guidance. However attention does not equal approval and it seems that to place such emphasis on 14 year old models in emancipated adverts for anti ageing creams, or anorexic models advertising the latest brand of skinny jeans to be absurd.

Why is this the case. For a society so evolved as to enquire inwardly about the nature of our own mortality and condition, why does the modelling industry hold such power over us?

Why in a post feminist age, do we still turn the pages of a magazine that promises happiness at the cost of a few pounds? We strive for "the Body" of a stranger instead of appreciating, respecting and praising our own...

It seems sad that we are not making more effort to change this for future generations...

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